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Do it Yourself (DIY) Play Makeup

Do you have a child who desperately want to play with your makeup? Here is a simple DIY craft to make play makeup your kids will love!
Recent Posts My eldest kiddo is a girlie girl through and through - she faithfully watches me apply makeup daily and always begs for me to put some on her. Since she is only 3 yea…

DIY Spaghetti for Pretend Play

What's cooking in the kids play kitchen? Why some delicious spaghetti, of course! And it's all thanks to this beautifully simple craft.
Recent Posts Enhance dramatic playtime and imagination with this kids kitchen addition. Many children love to pretend to cook, play house, or even make believe they are in a restau…


A quick, and cute addition for any play kitchen that is also easy on the pocketbook. By Chani Palindat
These cinnamon rolls make playing tea party or bakery SO fun! And they are easy to make yourself, without costing too much money. You can make a whole bunch of these, and gift s…

DIY Felt Sugar Cookie

A deliciously adorable addition to your little ones play kitchen or tea party! These are hand stitched, and do not require a sewing machine or for you to be an experienced seamstress. By Chani Palindat
You can whip some of these felt sugar cookies up in no time, and can make them look however you like. Blue icing? Sure! Brown cookie with White icing? Alright! The process is th…


Add a realistic touch to the kids play kitchen with these felt pasta shapes. By Chani Palindat
Want to extend their pretend play experience? Looking for a great gift for a birthday party that has a personal touch? There are so many reasons of WHY you can make these adorable…