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Spooky, Squishy, Halloween Sensory Play

Keep your babies, toddlers, and big kids busy with this fun Halloween themed sensory play bag that is easy to make!
Recent Posts Both my kids love to stand at the window and play, so this time I decided to move our sensory play onto the window! What kid doesn't love squishing their fingers into…

Bum-pkin Painting: A Baby's First Halloween Tradition

What's a bum-pkin? Exactly what you think... A pumpkin made out of a print of your baby's bum!
Recent Posts Autumn means pumpkins, which means Thanksgiving, which means Halloween... This craft is adorable to the power of ten. Mamas love them some cute baby bums, so we are …

Trick-Or-Treat Footprint Plate Craft

A Halloween pumpkin footprint craft for babies and kids.
Recent Posts Halloween is coming to a neighborhood near you, are you ready to greet all the trick or treaters? Here is a great keepsake craft that you can use year after year to he…