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Mom and Baby Classes in Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton

Are you looking for Mom and Baby Classes or Mom and Toddler Classes in Red Deer, Calgary or Edmonton? Look no further! The Sweet Mama had you covered! From Mom & Baby to Mom & Tot to a colourful Preschool Class, we have something for every Mama!
Recent Posts Are you looking for a mom's group in Red Deer? A Moms Group in Edmonton? A Moms Group in Calgary? Then you have come to the right place!  Our decadent Sweet Mama &…

Cookies for Santa Plate

A keepsake footprint plate craft to serve Christmas Cookies for Santa on.
Recent Posts Do you have a tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa every Christmas Eve? This keepsake craft is perfect to display your Christmas cookies on for the man in red…

Bum-pkin Painting: A Baby's First Halloween Tradition

What's a bum-pkin? Exactly what you think... A pumpkin made out of a print of your baby's bum!
Recent Posts Autumn means pumpkins, which means Thanksgiving, which means Halloween... This craft is adorable to the power of ten. Mamas love them some cute baby bums, so we are …