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Canada Day Hand Print T-shirts

Here is fun way to personalize your Canada Day T-shirts this year with your kids hand prints, foot prints for those under two!
Recent Posts Here is a fun way to personalize your Canada Day T-Shirts! You will need a white shirt ( t-shirts or tank top, the choice is yours) Red Fabric Paint Baby Wip…

DIY Wooden Snowman Spoons

The most adorable (and easy) snowman spoon craft, perfect for Christmas and the holidays. Make them for yourself, or make some to gift to someone you love!
Recent Posts My mother-in-law has this thing with snowmen. In fact, a lot of her holiday decor for Christmas includes snowmen. It's her thing, and it's cute! So this year I set ou…

DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

A festive body scrub that smells like Gingerbread, perfect for Christmas gifts or as a stocking stuffer.
Recent Posts Are you looking for a handcrafted gift for someone special, or even yourself? This festive body scrub is easy to mix up, and smells deliciously like a cookie! A though…