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Halloween Characters from Reclaimed Wood

Have any scrap wood? We used pieces of scrap 2 X 4 and a little paint to create these adorable Halloween Characters!
Recent Posts I love Decorating for Halloween, but our family is not a fan of the SCARY Halloween, we are more of the cute barely scary decorators! We have a pile of wood from o…

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Thanks to Taren from Retrospect Designs we have a super cute and FREE Valentine Printable! This printable is perfect to add some love to your decor for Valentines day!
Recent Posts We have a wonderful Printable thanks to Taren at Retrospect Design! This printable is perfect to add some LOVE to your decor for Valentines day! It is also perfec…

Do it Yourself (DIY) Play Makeup

Do you have a child who desperately want to play with your makeup? Here is a simple DIY craft to make play makeup your kids will love!
Recent Posts My eldest kiddo is a girlie girl through and through - she faithfully watches me apply makeup daily and always begs for me to put some on her. Since she is only 3 yea…

Trick-Or-Treat Footprint Plate Craft

A Halloween pumpkin footprint craft for babies and kids.
Recent Posts Halloween is coming to a neighborhood near you, are you ready to greet all the trick or treaters? Here is a great keepsake craft that you can use year after year to he…