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Blessed Grove Keepsakes: A Review

Blessed Grove Keepsakes asked The Sweet Mama to review their Breast Milk Jewelry, here is our review by Alicia!
Recent Posts About 8 weeks ago my lovely boss said to me.  "Hey, you are a lactating mom! Want to do a review?"   Those are not the words you hear out of someone every day s…

Lactation Cookies for Breasfeeding Moms

These cookies are healthy and yummy, and help boost milk supply in breastfeeding mothers!
Recent Posts These cookies are healthy and yummy, and help* boost milk supply in breastfeeding mothers! This recipe was given to me when I was expecting our youngest daughter. …

Best Places To Nurse in Red Deer

Ever wonder where the best places are to breastfeed in public while out and about in Red Deer? Well, here's our rated list... Soon to come? Edmonton and Calgary's lists!
Recent Posts As I come towards the end of my days breastfeeding babies, I've been thinking about all the places we've stopped to enjoy a snuggle while nursing. From the rushed boob…

Transitioning To The Sippy Cup

Our helpful guide to transitioning your baby from the breast/bottle to a cup.
Recent Posts   Let's talk about weaning. The first question that usually comes up is "when and how do you transition breastfed and bottle fed babies to a sippy cup?" *NOTE: thes…

Breastfeeding & Breast Health

Breastfeeding has its ups and downs. From first latch problems and complications, lip and tongue ties, to even mastitis. But sometimes, the journey takes you somewhere you never thought you would be. By Chani Palindat
Every woman's breastfeeding story is different, unique, and beautiful. Some mothers have the easiest time nursing their baby, others overcome great difficulties, and there are even…