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Santa Lanterns

Want to ensure Santa finds your house? Make these cute Santa lanterns that can be used year after year!
Recent Posts This time of year Santa is on the minds of lots of little ones. Kids love the magic of the season and so do we! These lanterns are one way to create just a little …

Christmas Activities To-Do For The Family

Our list of must do's to make your kids Christmas season a truly magical one, that will melt even the coldest Grinch heart!
Recent Posts The Christmas season is officially upon us! Even if you were a Grinch pre-children, there is something amazing that would melt even the coldest of hearts about watchi…

Santa's Nice List Certificate

Download and print off your very own Nice List certificate, signed by Santa Clause himself!
Recent Posts Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa's workshop has sent us something special to share with all our Sweet Families this Christmas... The elves up in the North Pole have been consulti…

Cookies for Santa Plate

A keepsake footprint plate craft to serve Christmas Cookies for Santa on.
Recent Posts Do you have a tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa every Christmas Eve? This keepsake craft is perfect to display your Christmas cookies on for the man in red…