How to Park a Trailer Without Ruining Your Marriage

Apr 06, 2016

Are you a camper?  Have a trailer?  Then you know the stress of attempting to back up a trailer.  Your spouse is yelling directions, you are trying not to run over the dog, over correct and yup you have jack knifed the truck.  Sound familiar?  Or you could be like my husband and me.  We only have a tiny tent trailer.  Our scenario is hilarious. He drives; I yell directions which he ignores.  He gets frustrated I get angry then we unhitch the tiny tent trailer and wheel it into place by hand.  Told you its TINY.  Then we drink a beer and unpack the camp site and promise to never purchase a larger trailer.  But I want a bigger trailer.  Thankfully Ford Motor Company has found a way to get me a larger trailer and save my marriage.


The Pro Trailer Park Assist.  It takes all the guess work (and the yelling) out of parking a trailer.  No really it does!  I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen it for myself.  Today I got to go with a small group of local bloggers and have a private demo of this AMAZING new feature.  I swear it will save your marriage.


Similar to the parallel park assist Ford has found away to take a lot of the guess work out of the one of the most difficult parking maneuver.  7 cameras help line you up perfectly then using the large mirrors that come standard with the tow package you simply line your trailer up and use the tiny steering wheel on the consul which is set to move the trailer the way you turn it (turn the dial right to move the trailer right, turn the dial left to move the trailer left) no more extrapolating Pythagorean theorems to get into your camp site.


If you are considering a new truck this year I highly recommend taking a long hard look at the new 2016 Ford line up.  This feature alone will have my husband I having a long discussion about which truck we will be adding in the near future.


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