Grandfather at 40... She is here!

Mar 03, 2016

Well it certainly is a good thing they had the baby shower last Saturday because this past Friday I was working away and got a call from my wife. She said they were out shopping and our daughter started to have some pains. We didn't think too much of it because she had been having lots of heartburn and the occasional gall bladder attack. She said they were going to take her up to the hospital just to be safe.


About an hour later (around 2:30) I got another call from my wife saying this was it. Our daughter was in labour and was already six centimetres dilated. I quickly finished up what I was doing and rushed to the hospital.


By the time I got there I wasn't prepared for what I would see. I saw our 16 year old daughter lying there in a ton of pain and demonically yelling at anyone and everyone. Things were moving very quickly. The nurses asked us (my other daughters and I) to step outside while they examine her to see how much she was dilated now.


From there it was time for the epidural and it seemed like the wait for that was forever. As we continued to wait outside in the hall we saw the doctor come running into the ward after being called in. Turns out there was another girl giving birth at the same time. We could hear her screaming very loudly and after a few minutes heard the baby crying. Then the doctor came out of her room and back into our daughter's room.


I was thinking to myself that we can't even hear a peep out of our daughter's room now. The epidural must have kicked in. After a few more minutes I was curious why the doctor was in there so long yet not a sound was coming out of the room. Almost immediately after thinking that my wife sent me this photo in a text...


Jason's granddaughter.jpg


That was it. We are Grandparents! Our 16 year old daughter is a Mommy! That is so crazy! She was born at 5:31pm. Just a little over three hours of labour and only about an hour of pushing according to the nurse. She weighed in at 5lbs and 13oz with a full head of hair and a lanky 19.5 inches long. She is perfect!


By Jason. Dad to three daughters and a very young Grandfather to a new beautiful granddaughter!



By Jason. Dad to Three Girls and about to be a very young grandfather. - See more at:


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