Grandfather at 40...Decisions and the Gender Reveal!

Feb 08, 2016

After the shock of hearing that our 16 year old daughter was pregnant two or three months ago, we are now past the shock and questioning our parenting phase of the situation. Together as a family we have spoken to counselors - which was a huge help - and met with the father and his mother to discuss what to do. In under a month, we will preparing in a whole new way as the due date approaches.


Our daughter has decided to keep the baby rather than place it for adoption. One of the things the counselor helped us understand is that the decision to keep the baby or place it for adoption is strictly our daughter’s, and the baby’s father if he is in the picture. My wife and I have absolutely no say at all, but her decision to keep the baby was the choice my wife and I were definitely rooting for.


My initial reaction was along the lines of “Oh my God! We are going to have another kid running around, and another mouth to clothe and feed!”, with my concerns soon switching to “How the heck is my daughter going to finish school with a baby?!” As it turns out, the school’s staff has been very accommodating and we are determining a plan for her to complete her school work from home.


Today, we are at the stage where we are at peace with what is happening and even excited. Our family has welcomed two babies into the family in the last four months, and my brother and his wife are expecting another as well. We love babies, and this one that is soon to arrive will be loved without exception. We have bags and boxes full of clothes and baby items, making the whole transition a little bit easier. And with the baby shower this weekend, all I have to say is that I hope she is gifted diapers and cash, because the kid has enough clothes to wear an outfit every day until she’s 5 years old.


By Jason. Dad to Three Girls and about to be a very young Grandfather.

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