Best Places To Nurse in Red Deer

Dec 02, 2015

As I come towards the end of my days breastfeeding babies, I've been thinking about all the places we've stopped to enjoy a snuggle while nursing. From the rushed boobs out on the side of a highway to endless hours of skin to skin cuddles in bed during those first few days with a squishy newborn - we've pretty much done it everywhere!

As a veteran nursing mom, I thought it might be helpful to pass on some of my wisdom! I've created a list of top spots to nurse baby in Red Deer with pros, cons and a rating system...the more creepy little baby heads = the better the place to nurse!

Of course, this list is comprised of more private places. The change rooms and quieter spaces in stores are always a good option for a babe or toddler that is unsettled or distracted when breastfeeding, or for a mama that isn't quite comfortable in a busy public setting. Sometimes a nursing cover doesn't always work for those distracted babes, and they need that extra something to help focus them for a good nursing session. Whatever the reason, cover or no cover, in the change room or on the park bench, please remember that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, and that it is your right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime and you are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


And if you're from another big city, don't sweat it. We'll be compiling a helpful rated list for Edmonton and Calgary soon.

Where/how do you feel most comfortable to nurse?


By Taren McDonell


Posted by Shannon bayer on
While I think this list was compiled with the best intentions, it is not well done at all. Most of the places on the list are public restrooms, somehow suggesting that women should only nurse in private. Women are allowed to nurse wherever they please in Canada, a right that is protected by law. If a woman only feels comfortable nursing in private then that is one thing, but I really don't think that is the majority of women, and this post subtly suggests that even if you are comfortable nursing anywhere in public, maybe you should think twice and nurse in the restroom instead.
As a nursing mother and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I am both personally and professionally offended by this post, and I'm sure many other women are as well.

Posted by SweetMamaChani on
Shannon, THANK YOU! While we of course know this, I think it may have been angled to the mamas who maybe don't feel comfortable enough to nurse out of a change room etc. HOWEVER, I have since added an updated paragraph to balance it a bit more. It also links to the Charter Of Human Rights on this topic.

Of course mamas should be able to nurse anywhere, in any way, and at any time without judgment.

I myself am an avid pro-public nurser with no cover, and am no stranger to people making their "feelings" about my nursing that way known. How sad! It is my love of breastfeeding that gives me the push to fight for others mamas to know what they can do, and that they are safe to do so without judgment. Of course, we just want to love and support all mamas!
Shannon, I invite you to add to this in any way to help us make this as balanced and informative (while encouraging) an article to mamas as possible. Especially for new mamas and mamas-to-be who may be just getting their bearings in the world of parenting.

Posted by April on
So this is a list of places at the mall? Weak

Posted by Jess on
This is very dissapointing and so sad that this is the end of 2015 and this type of artical is still being written and posted. I was hoping for a great list of coffee shops with really comfortable arm chairs or cafes where a glass of ice water is always delivered to breastfeeding moms. This artical does nothing more than purpetuate the idea that breastfeeding should be hidden and women who breastfeed should find these hidden places in order to feed their babies.

Posted by Lou on
"Most suppressive, secluded, shameful, dirty places to nurse in Red Deer".

Posted by Martina on
Without a doubt I see that this is intended to be a piece of satire poking fun at the whole "breastfeeding in public" debate.

It seems to me its meant to be a way of knocking both parties off their high horses. It's the end of 2015, why can't we have a little fun and laugh about this?

Posted by lisa on
Thank you for putting a few of your nursing ideas out there, i appreciate it as I'm new to this! I'm not really comfortable nursing in a busy public place yet as i don't want too many people to see my boobs and I'm still not a pro at covering with a blanket yet. The little baby heads are cute :)

Posted by Deanna on
It's always great to know a few options when you're from out of town and have come to visit! When I first started nursing I was completely uncomfortable nursing in public and relied on helpful and funny articles like this to get me through visits in new cities when traveling. Unfortunately, sometimes useful information like this can be hard to find. Of course the goal is that all nursing moms feel comfortable nursing wherever they want, and some moms feel most comfortable in a private, quiet space. We should support moms who are trying to do their best as well as supporting those who are willing to pass along helpful tips like these. Let's build each other up!

Posted by Peyton on
Wow you mamas against this are taking it in the wrong context. The writer clearly stated breastfeeding in any area you are comfortable with whether in direct public eye or in the comfort of a room, with or without a cover. When I first started breastfeeding in public I was slightly offended with these rooms that are strictly for breastfeeding that were in the restrooms UNTIL I went into one! Most of these rooms are set up with comfortable chairs, tvs, areas to help entertain older children while we nurse and not to mention the great company of other breastfeeding mamas out there. Going in some of these rooms are nice just to relax comfortably while you feed especially if you have any of the issues like the writer mentioned. Give some other suggestions for mamas out there instead of just bashing this list. Whip em out when you like ladies and feed those beautiful babies.

Posted by Tracy on
Lighten up people! Who cares where we breastfeed as long as we ourselves are comfortable with what we are doing! :) this article made me laugh as well as reminisce about lots of memories I have had with both of my children! Let's stop with the negativity and start supporting ALL the breastfeeding moms!

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