5 Must Have Baby Proofing Items

Nov 02, 2015

Now that baby is Home Sweet Home from the hospital, you're probably already thinking ahead to how you're going to keep that little bundle of joy safe. But what do you have to do?! There are so many suggestions and products, experts and topics. Which are the most important safety measures that you need to take?

Well, we've rounded up our Top 5 list of MUST HAVE baby proofing items just for reasons like this! Seasoned mamas and those just coming out of the Baby Proofing game for the first time have kindly helped us narrow the choices down. So rest assured, this list is 100% mama approved!

  1. Cabinet Locks  Once Baby is mobile, these are important to ensure that all dangerous items not accessible. I think we can all agree that cabinet locks are a great way to keep cleaning supplies locked away from baby!
  2. Plug covers  Every child will experiment to see what will go into an outlet, plug covers are a must!
  3. Baby Monitor  Everyone LOVES the video option of baby monitors. Being able to check on baby and get other things done is easier with a monitor, and it makes mom feel better about it too!
  4. Baby Gates  Keep baby away from where they shouldn't be going with a good (and easy to use) gate. Have stairs? Wall mounted ones are the easiest to use and the safest.
  5. Co-Sleeping We LOVE the Levana monitor because it is portable, and makes our mamas feel more comfortable having baby in bed with them, even if you don't have a family bed. Even better, these are amazing for peace of mind when you have a preemie baby. You can take it along in the car seat, when traveling, or if you move your baby's sleep area during the day from bassinet to crib.

And the Bonus - the number 1 safety item NOT liked by our moms? TOILET LATCHES!! No one, including Baby can ever get the to work, and they are a nightmare if you are potty training and older sibling!

What's your MUST HAVE baby proofing item that you would add to our list?


By Chani Palindat





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