Blunders of Pregnancy

Oct 27, 2015

Baby brain - or the lack of being able to use your brain properly in pregnancy - is a real thing. It may not happen to me daily, but it does happen. And when it does, I don't know whether to cry or laugh at the ridiculousness of a certain situation. Or both because I am a mess of raging hormones. I mean, you can hardly watch television or a movie without the possibility of drowning in tears. And I don't know about you, but it's not always easy to hold it together in the middle of the night when all you want is a specific chocolate bar and your loving husband tells you the stores are all closed. 

Almost six years ago when I was pregnant with our first, I remember walking and shopping with my mother-in-love at Stokes. Stokes is one of those dinnerware shops, the type of store that has breakable stuff everywhere. You can probably imagine where I'm going with this. Well, not even five minutes into our browsing I turned to the side and took out an entire wall of plates and crockery. A whole wall, shattered on the floor in seconds. I was mortified. Somehow I had forgotten that I was housing a baby in my body and that my stomach protruded out a good foot and a half. Clumsy doesn't begin to describe it. Of course they assured me it happened more than you think, a truth that seemed a little far fetched. Somehow I doubt that pregnant women constantly knock walls of pottery to the floor at their store. To this day I refuse to walk back into that store.

I'm sure that some crazy mishap occurred when I was pregnant with our daughter two years ago, but I can't remember any to entertain you with at the moment. My brain cells seem to be taking a vacation now that I am pregnant again. 

And now here we are, current day. Well, sort of. Just last week I made the trip to the midwife excited as can be for a consultation to determine if we would finally live the dream of birth with a midwife. I adjusted my toddler's nap so we would be on time without having to sacrifice her much-needed sleep, and we arrived with plenty of time to play before the appointment. And then I discover that we came to the appointment A WEEK EARLY! How embarrassing! Of course, the midwife and I laughed it off before I promised to return one week later. But the instant I got into my Mommy Wagon AKA minivan I was mortified at my inability to properly read a calendar. Naturally, I began to bawl... Because, hormones. And then not even three minutes later I was laughing at my ridiculousness for crying. Again, thanks hormones. 

All in all, pregnancy can create lasting memories of blunders and adventures. And a hilarious mess or hormones. Am I right? Please tell me I'm not alone! 


By Chani Palindat

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