"Landscaping" Before Your Due Date

Jun 10, 2015

As an Esthetician, I cannot tell you how many times I was asked what you should do "down under" before your due date. Ladies, let's be real. We all know what I'm talking about. Do you shave, wax, or leave it as the jungle it may have become? 

Your options? Bikini, french or modified bikini (a little more in), Brazilian (everything off), or modified Brazilian (the "landing strip). So many women want to get their Brazilian done before their due date. If you're already a regular waxer, then go for it. Chances are, the hair is finer and easier to pull at this stage. However, if it is your first time, I would say "heck no" to that Brazilian. When you're expecting, your body is hyper-sensitive, meaning there is a chance that your Brazilian will feel like a 15-20 on a scale of 1-10. All in all, waxing is a good way to go if you're wanting the maintenance done for you without having to hold a mirror in the bathroom to get it done.

Yes, it's hard to see down there. But for many women this is a great option. How? Grab a mirror, or stand by one for reference if you need assistance on seeing where to place that razor. Or go with your instincts. Trust me, on D-Day you won't care what it looks like and neither will the doctor or midwife. If anything, shaving will leave you itchy as it regrows, which can be a little annoying when stitches are healing. And possibly patchy.

As said before, the docs and midwives don't care what it looks like. And if you are already an au naturel type woman, why change? You do what you gotta do - or don't have to do - and know what's best. You're pregnant, going to have a baby, and will be adjusting to life as a new mama. Does it really matter what the downstairs looks like? You're going to have six weeks of sexy time off anyway!

It's hair. It's not taboo, or something to be embarrassed about. But it definitely is something you want to be comfortable with on your due-date, as well as at your spa appointment. How do you maintain the nether regions when expecting?


By Chani Palindat

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