A Father's Day Letter For All The Fathers

Jun 20, 2015

Are you a single father (or mother)? Stay at home dad? Working dad? Dad in a blended family? Regardless of your situation, you deserve a pat on the back.

Let’s create the perspective here:

The Single Father (or Mother)
The single father plays two roles - mother and father. Due to some circumstances (and we don’t need to know), you’re doing it all on your own. That’s tough. You work hard all day, pick the kids up from daycare at whatever time you’re done work, go home, make dinner, play with the kids, maybe give them a bath, read stories, get them ready for bed, and then you get to relax. You wear all the hats in the house and you do it all on your own. High-five bro (or sister)! That’s a feat.

You're dad ALL DAY, EVERY DAY - and sometimes even nights. For many of us, that’s a complete role reversal. You’re the one that stays with the kids when they’re home sick from school, you make lunches, you spend all day every day with the kids. From dawn until mama arrives home from work, you don’t get a break. It doesn’t stop when she gets home either, because you’re not just going to leave her on her own with the kids, you keep going. You go!

The Working Dad
Depending on your schedule, you probably wake up at the crack of dawn (or it feels that way anyways), your morning routine probably consisting of a shower, breakfast, and depending if mama works or not, getting the kids ready for school/daycare. Once drop offs are done, it’s time for work. Depending on your job, it’s probably a grind. You work hard for your success, and paycheck. The day ends, and it’s time for the commute. Finally, you’ve arrived home (this could go various directions, like in my article “The Homecoming”). But wait! Now it’s your turn to be a parent. We working dads live for the weekend. You're doing great!

Blended Family Dad
I couldn’t possibly imagine what this is like (as I’ve never done it), but I’ll take a stab here. Depending on the blend, you might be parenting your own kids, as well as someone else’s. That takes courage. Some days it’s tough enough to parent your own kids, I can’t imagine being dad to kids that aren’t even mine. In most cases, other’s don’t even notice what you’re doing, so you’re doing an amazing job. What you’re doing deserves complete respect. You're a superstar!

Regardless of what type of Father you are, today is your day. Yes, even the single mothers deserve a “Happy Father’s Day” today. Respect all around.

Did I miss any types of fathers here? Let me know in the comments below!


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