The Daddy Strike

Jun 02, 2015

My daughter, who is now almost 2 years old, refuses to let me help her with anything when Mama is home. Seriously, I can’t do anything.

When it’s just us, she’s completely fine. Diaper changes, eating, cleaning, bathing, playing, everything… just fine. The moment she get’s even a remote idea that Mama may or may not be home, it’s like the flip of a switch, and that’s when the “Daddy Strike” begins.

Now the “Strike” isn’t funny either.  I’ve been through the phase where you take off your kid’s diaper and they run off laughing and giggling… No, this is different. She will kick, and scream, and refuse any form of nurturing or parental care from me. If my wife is doing something like making dinner, or trying to do some work, there is no removing my daughter from her, she’s pretty much superglued to Mama. If I do manage to get her away from Mama, that’s it, back to the tantrum - As a side note, I'm also pretty amazed at how well my wife can work with an almost two year old stuck to her like that.

I’ve tried many things. I’ve tried to distract her with toys, books, television, even my phone. But she won’t have it, not in the slightest.

I expect this is just a stage. Right? This will be over soon? I mean, this is pretty much my “get out of parenting for the night” card, but I kind of want my daughter back. Go away twoberty!


By Martin Palindat


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