C-Section Dos & Don'ts

Jun 07, 2015

Every pregnancy is different, so naturally every C-Section experience is different from person to person. I've had three sections, so you could say I know a thing or two. Aside from patience with myself afterwards, here were a few of my "dos and don'ts" of having a C-Section, from one mama to another.

Do - Pamper yourself a few days before. Get your hair done, go to the spa, enjoy that frozen yogurt with candy you've been craving - you know you are going to have major surgery, and the recovery time kinda sucks. If you're getting your pedicure done, don't paint your toenails (the doctors say it's so they can see if your oxygen levels go down during surgery, which makes no sense to me because of the fact that your lips turn blue as dead give away that your oxygen levels are low. Nonetheless, no nail polish. BOO!).
Do pack some of your comforts from home because you will be in the hospital for a minimum of 3 days. For example, you'll want to bring your own pillow because let's face it, sleeping on hospital pillows is like sleeping on a giant maxi pad. Slippers, a tiny throw, your own shampoo, or a housecoat that isn't hospital issued are all great to help make you as comfortable as possible.
Do relax, breath and enjoy every moment. Take pictures, or have a photographer at the birth to capture the first moments. If I would have thought ahead I would have had a photographer, but I didn't and my husband totally screwed up the "memory taking" with our newest addition. That was sarcasm, you're also allowed that.
Don't throw up on your husband... Now I really have your attention! When you have a spinal your blood pressure drops, you're more likely to suddenly throw up - and when I say suddenly, I mean it happens FAST. My husband so graciously held the tiny kidney shaped bedpan for me. It didn't work at all. After the "incident" he quietly wiped it off and put a cloth on my head with this weird look on his face. Now that's love.
Don't call your husband names. With my second, they had my uterus out and resting on my stomach to suture and clean it. Cue the gross mental images. During this, my husband asked if I could feel what they were doing. Ladies fight the urge to say something to him (in public anyway).
Do be kind and gentle with your nurses when they come in at ungodly hours of the night, or right after you and your newborn have just fallen asleep. When they nicely say "we're just going to check your fundus", know that this is NOT a nice feeling. You may have to try and fight the urge to kick them. 
Do use the little Mexican hat they give you to pee in, nurses get mad if you don't.  Get the catheter after you've had your spinal, because if they screw that up it feels like you're peeing needles. On the topic of bathroom visits, know that they will not let you go home until you poop. That's right, you have to poop without any help from your body. Your stomach muscles won't be doing their part in this business since you just had abdominal surgery. You also may cry, and that's okay. It doesn't feel good, and it's frustrating because your body won't do what it did before. It's okay, I completely understand.
Do wear support underwear that rides up your stomach. It helps, trust me.
Don't do anything when you get home with your new bundle! Don't even go for a walk. Let people serve and help you. Feed, snuggle and sleep wherever and whenever with your newest addition. Sit and watch your favorite movies, laugh, and relax. Don't laugh too hard, but if you do, place a pillow in front of your incision because using those stomach muscles hurts like a son of nutcracker!
Do BE PROUD. No matter how you brought this child into the world, (natural, drug free, C-Section...) every form is something to be proud of.

And for all our C-Section veterans, what would you add to the list?


By Amanda Knowles

Amanda is a local mama of four girls, three her own and her step-daughter by love. 

Posted by Alesha on
DO go out and but the surgical grade belly wrap, they are AMAZING! The toysrus ones just dont cut it. Your stomach muscles will love you and be more willing to snap back if you do!
DO remember a book! Personally I was on such an adreniline high that even though I should have been sleeping I couldnt so the first night was very long.
DO prepare yourself mentally that even though most csections go well, there is a very real percentage of people who have complications. This can be anything from having an air bubble left in your abdominal wall that crawls to your shoulder and causes severe pain for days (ya that actually happens, been there) to having to be put to sleep and waking up hours later without a baby in your tummy. All of these things are scary but if you can allow yourself to be calm and accept that they can happen, it will help if lord forbid they do. Chances are you will be just fine but, preparing yourself before hand makes a world of difference.

DO have a moment just you and babe all alone before the crowds come rushing in. Bonding is so important.

DONT let anyone tell you that you are anything more than the most incredible mother in the world. Whether you were cut open and gutted or pushed out a watermelon, you are a superhero.

Posted by SweetMamaChani on
Love it Alesha!

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