10 Things NOT to Pack When Having a Baby

Apr 21, 2015

There are hundreds, probably thousands of lists for items to pack in your hospital bag when having a baby. This, is not that list. After having followed lists and tips on what to bring to the hospital for both of our babes, I have to call bullshit. I never used half the junk that was in those overstuffed bags. So for all you expectant mamas out there, maybe unpack a few of these items you’ve packed when following those Pinterest lists - unless you think you will desperately need it.

  • Your own pillow. You do not need your own pillow, as the hospital has it’s own. And while I get the whole comfortable environment argument, let’s face it, it’s a hospital and you won’t make it into your own comfortable environment.

  • Sanitary Pads. I am guilty of packing a massive supply every time I have a baby. And every time, I somehow forget that they have these at the hospital also. My biggest reason for including it on the list? Pads cost money, so use theirs while you can and save your stash for those post-partum weeks at home. You’ll need them.

  • Extra clothes. Unless you are staying for several days from complications or a C-section, don’t pack a mass wardrobe. Stick to a quick, easy, and comfortable outfit to go home in. The hospital has maternity underwear to use, which are great since they rinse out and dry quickly if those “spill accidents” happen. My tip? Wear a pair of sweats or yoga pants to the hospital when in labour, and use these as your go-home pants as well. One less thing to bulk up your luggage. If you’re nursing, it’s also easier to pull off the hospital gown.

  • Slippers. There are these things called socks that also keep your feet warm on those chilly hospital floors. They also don’t take up much room. You should be good with one pair of socks.

  • Hairdryer. You just had a baby, and if you manage to squeeze in a shower you probably will be too busy snuggling your little one to notice your hair is wet. Secondly, if you are room sharing with another mama it’s courteous to not blast the dryer on your hair. Let the other family rest up, and save your gorgeous locks the heat damage for one day.

  • Snacks & drinks. I get that this is a cost-saver, but you don’t really need them. When you’re in labour you’re not going to be in the mood to snack, and the hospital also has food and drink available for admitted patients. It’s not the greatest, but it gets the job done.

  • More than one bra. If you’re planning on nursing your baby, wear your nursing bra to the hospital. Leave space in your bag for diapers, your charger, and that adorable take home outfit for the little one. Wear nursing pads in your bra to prevent leaking through your bra. Not planning to breastfeed? Same rule, wear it to the hospital and don’t pack a second one.

  • Too many things for baby. You may want to pack a few diapers - and I mean a FEW -  if your hospital has diapers for use in the postpartum ward. Save your stash for when you get home. If the hospital doesn’t supply diapers, you’ll need a fuller stock in the bag. Don’t bring non-essential items like baby wash, multiple blankets, and so on. One outfit to take home, and a sleeper are all they really need for clothing. If you wrap them in their blanket they are warm enough and benefit greatly from skin-to-skin contact.

  • Labour Aids. Unless you have something very specific that was working for you at home, don’t bring it. There are labour balls and more at the hospital to help you, and there are many knowledgeable nurses and doctors to help you find your rhythm in labour. Don’t waste space on tennis balls, massage oil, and whatnot.

  • Memory Book. If this is important to you, this is a simple fix. Use a piece of paper at the hospital to record important details, pack it up, and take it home to fill in.

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