Baby Brain

Mar 26, 2015

I remember when I was expecting my son, how very real Baby Brain was. I would forget everything from brushing my teeth, where I put my keys, to even leaving the milk in the cupboard. Everything is new and fresh when you have your first baby, and it seemed like I remembered more about labour and delivery the first time round than the second. Or maybe it's because when I was expecting our daughter, I didn't just have Baby Brain - I had Mommy Brain, too.

My kiddos are three and half years apart. I wanted a nice big age gap, but there's one thing no one ever told me about having a larger gap between kids... You forget EVERYTHING. Three years is a long time. I forgot it all, it was like being a first time expectant mom all over again! My poor doula took text after text, and email after email about the most simple things. "Why does this hurt?" "Is this normal?" "What do I do when that gross mucous plug thing comes out?" And most common near the end of pregnancy "Are these contractions? Is this it? Should I tell him to get the car started?" I'm sure I was a little annoying from about 37 weeks until our daughter was born.

Our son was a winter baby, and even though our daughter was due to arrive in mid-summer I couldn't for the life of me remember whether or not she would need socks. This was not one of my finer mental moments during pregnancy. I obsessed for THREE WEEKS over whether or not she would need socks, and ended up binge shopping at Toys R Us for two dozen socks. How was I to remember if a baby would have cold feet, let alone in the summer?! In the end, she never even wore the things and they sat in the drawer mostly for decoration.

Closer to the day I did what every woman does: create lists, pack bags, and go on Pinterest. Ladies, Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge. I pinned more articles, recipes, keepsake photo ideas, and take home outfit ideas than I would ever need, and probably didn't even do or read them. But my favourite, was reading a tip about preventing... leaks... When your water breaks. I have this irrational fear over my water breaking in public. So this time around I of course couldn't even remember the details of this happening and that's where Pinterest comes in. I read this very helpful tip on buying Depends for the last week or two of your pregnancy, and that when labour starts to simply put them on and they would prevent any leaks or gushes should your water break before the hospital. When I shared my excitement of this with my husband, on my way out to buy my very own package of Depends, he stops and laughs. Not only laughs, but tells me that I would regret buying and wearing these and that he would not be driving me to the hospital wearing Depends. Outraged, I remind him about my fear and concerns. He instead assures me he will put a towel and garbage bag on the seat of the car, in case the feared event happens. But he will not let me go and wear these... Maybe it had something to do with our sex life. Who knows.

I didn't end up buying them. And I'm glad he talked me down. What did I take from this? Never buy Depends just because Pinterest tells you it's a great idea... And maybe avoid Pinterest all together. I may have forgotten everything with my Baby Brain, but it sure is funny now that it's over.

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